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Subscribe to as many or as little alerts from our ever increasing store. At IndyAlerts we set no cap to number of alerts a user can setup for a given market instrument.



Pick the instruments you'd like your selected alerts to be generated against. We currently offer US Stocks, selected Broker CFDs and Crypto Currencies with more products always on the horizon.



Receive notifications of alerts being triggered directly to your phone via Telegram or your inbox.

Alerts Repo

Our expanding repository of alerts should give you the selection needed to suit your trading style. IndyAlerts is a trader driven community so we're always open to suggestions and discussions for setting up new alerts.

Channel Breakout On Volume

Description of Channel Breakout

EOD Volume Surge

Description of EOD Volume Surge


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near-time IndyAlerts

Transparency is one of our guiding principals here at IndyAlerts and so to give users an idea of the types of alerts available we publish a sample in near-time below.

  • MSFT Channel Breakout On Vol Spike
  • GOOG Cross Over on a Vol Spike
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Our Guiding Principles


Actionable Alerts

Every decision we make at IndyAlerts is run through a simple litmus test...will this result in an actionable alert for a trade? Put another away, can I use this alert to help me generate alpha?


Hidden Complexity

While we're proud of the underlying technology we're always striving to hide any complexity to minimise the noise we generate. This comes back to our litmus test...will this result in an actionable alert?


No Limitations

We don't limit the number of alerts. If the alert is in our catalogue, and we support the market instrument, then you can subsribe to the alert.


Trader Driven

We're not a closed shop. We've designed our software from the ground up to ensure we can quickly turn around new alerts and support new sources of data. We therefore encourage requests for new alerts.

Subscription Prices

All our subscriptions offer a unlimited number of alerts. Our pricing is based on the number of active instruments you'd like to receive alerts against.


Tier 1
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Up to 5 Insturments


Tier 2
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Up to 20 Insturments


Tier 3
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Unlimited Instruments
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Any Questions?

For any queries around IndyAlert services or requests for new alerts please get in touch. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.